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Registered:2 years ago

Mail: jamie@jlokier.co.uk LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jlokier

I mostly do freelance consulting and project work but I am interested in other opportunities, especially with tech startups pushing the limits of what is possible and worth doing. Can do fairly hard-core engineering, quite independently if needed, as well as communicate well with more business-minded folks, and have run (small) business at executive and director level. Generally regarded as friendly.

My summary from LinkedIn: "Senior Developer / Engineer, >20yrs Linux, full-stack web, C/C++, Perl, TypeScript, FPGAs, Compilers"

Based in Oxford, UK. Happy commuting to London as needed, also very experienced working independently and remotely as needed.

(Have personal reasons why I might move to Canada eventually, so hearing from Canadian companies will get particular attention, even if it's a project or company that might be a year or two away from launching.)