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hk__2 said 2 days ago:

> Glow works with the Charm Cloud to allow you to store any markdown files in your own private collection.

Why would I want to store my files on someone else’s computer rather than in a git repo on mine?

vhanda said 2 days ago:

Since you're already storing your notes in Git, I think GitJournal [0] might be useful for you. It's an open source mobile first markdown based notes app integrated with Git. (I'm the author)

[0] https://GitJournal.io

douglaswlance said 2 days ago:

Thanks for sharing that. Just downloaded it. I've been planning on building a similar app.

The killer feature I need is a share target so I could select a snippet of text, hit share, and paste it into a particular note.

jadbox said 2 days ago:

Please make a browser client with the same interface! :)

vector_spaces said 2 days ago:

Any plans to distribute via f-droid?


said 2 days ago:
bdcravens said 2 days ago:

Probably the same reasons you may prefer Google Drive over Microsoft Office.

That said, I would definitely prefer pointing Glow to any standard git repo. This gives it all the security Charm is claiming to offer, versioning, etc, essentially for free. (Obviously that defeats the purpose of Glow being a marketing tool for Charm)

tobypadilla said 2 days ago:

For what it's worth, you don't need to use the Charm Cloud features. If you run `glow` in a directory, it will recursively search subdirectories for markdown files and display them for viewing in the TUI. Stashing will encrypt them then push them to the Charm Cloud though.

t0astbread said 2 days ago:

This is by no means a feature request but it could be useful if Glow provided a way to configure alternative stashing methods (i.e. "stash via Charm or stash via some shell script you give me"). There would still be a lot of pull towards Charm but users who wanna do it themselves can also use the stash feature.

phenax said a day ago:

I agree. The whole "encyrpted stash" and "cloud" thing is totally unnecessary. It is an amazing tool without all that noise.

jws said 2 days ago:

- You might switch between several computers throughout the day.

- You might believe the cloud folks do better backups than you.

3np said 2 days ago:

Sure, but having been burnt by Keybase and others in the past, there's no way I'm adding another closed-source single-provide blackbox server endpoint to my daily routine.

While this looks like a really neat utility, I'll pass until there's a self-hosted option under a free license.

To each their own.

kps said 2 days ago:

- I do switch between several computers throughout the day. That's what network file systems are for.

- ‘Cloud folks’ might have more stable hardware and software, but have built themselves a deadly reputation for unreliable policies.

woodruffw said 2 days ago:

I'm sympathetic to the idea that a company is going to be better at doing backups and maintenance than I am, but for the first point: it sounds like they're using the local machine's SSH key to wrap a symmetric key[1]. Unless you're sharing the same SSH key across all of your machines, this tool probably isn't very useful when switching between computers.

Edit: It looks like they generate their own SSH key instead of using an already present one[2]. So you'd presumably need to copy that to each machine that you'd want to use so that it can unwrap the real (cloud-stored) decryption key.

[1]: https://github.com/charmbracelet/charm#how-it-works

[2]: https://github.com/charmbracelet/charm/blob/master/keygen/ke...

slightwinder said 2 days ago:

Also valid for git. Sync to github or whatever and you have the same secure cloud. Which would an editors point to automate this BTW.

monadic2 said 2 days ago:

FWIW I've used glow for a while as more or less a dumb, colorful markdown pager and had no idea this functionality was there, and I am very sure glow was not phoning home because of how I run little snitch.

buf said 2 days ago:

I prefer to do this directly in vim with Goyo: https://github.com/junegunn/goyo.vim

stiff said 2 days ago:

Vim can't highlight Markdown correctly because it does highlighting via regexps. For correct parsing and thus for correct highlighting of Markdown you need a real parser. See e.g. this:


auxym said 2 days ago:

Is this limitation of most general code editors? Has neovim fixed this?

said 2 days ago:
Jestar342 said 2 days ago:

Yup, same. Excellent plugin.

leephillips said 2 days ago:

If you have Pandoc installed, you can get just the rendering/reading with something like

      pandoc -i file.md | w3m -T text/html
RMPR said 2 days ago:

And couple it with entr to emulate live preview

carterschonwald said 2 days ago:

pandoc is great :)

lou1306 said 2 days ago:

Somewhat related: there is a Pandoc "writer" on GitHub that pretty prints most formats supported by Pandoc (including Markdown, of course).


I contributed some changes back in 2019. The writer is written in Lua and the lead maintainer seems happy to welcome PRs.

kps said 2 days ago:

Thanks for pointing that out. (I've been using `pandoc -t html | elinks -dump -stdin` in my ~/.lessfilter)

dangoljames said 2 days ago:

I've done something similar but as a python flask app that uses a web browser as a reading/writing platform, that keeps it's (unencrypted) stash in a local directory (it's a 'localhost only' webservice).

It's functional but crude so nothing on github just yet ;)

charles_f said 2 days ago:

Hehe, since we're on the topic of shameless plugs, I have one in typescript - it's ready and I'm using it extensively. Serves locally as you described by using --serve


camgunz said 2 days ago:

The Charm project looks awesome, almost get a feel for “post web apps” there. Interesting.

koheripbal said 2 days ago:

On windows I use Typora. Since I use markdown lists as a journal and project notes, I'm usually doing it on windows.

zepto said 2 days ago:

Very nice tool. One issue is that the color scheme doesn’t work well with a white background, or a monochrome display.

mueslix said 2 days ago:

One of the authors here: it should actually automatically detect your background color and adjust its theme to it. Alternatively you can pick a different style with `-s`, or even write your own one!

zepto said 2 days ago:

-s light works for me

Is there a way to set a default?

phenax said a day ago:

I love using glow as a markdown previewer for my file manager lf. But what the hell is up with everything else they are trying to do. Just be a good markdown viewer!

lbj said 2 days ago:

Absolutely love this, very well done!

ashton314 said 2 days ago:

This is way fancier than my project, which renders markdown (or anything pandoc can read) as a man page:


JdeBP said 2 days ago:

Note that you can actually get colour and proper italics and boldface out of groff (specifically grotty). They are actually in there in the vanilla tool, but are disabled by overrides on several operating systems.

* http://jdebp.uk./Softwares/nosh/italics-in-manuals.html

teilo said 2 days ago:

Love this. Instant install.

dpedu said 2 days ago:

This is cool, but I want to run my own server.

minerjoe said 2 days ago:

Looks great! Love CLI/TUI.

That said, can someone please post a summary of what charm.sh is about? I don't use javascript and nothing comes up on the page.

colesantiago said 2 days ago:

turn on javascript?

minerjoe said 2 days ago:

I don't use a browser with javascript. I cannot turn it on.

cocktailpeanuts said 2 days ago:

I want this as an editor, with VIM support :)

hackerm0nkey said 2 days ago:

I've installed it and I felt the same as what you mentioned :)

Then I saw Goyo Vim plugin

suprfnk said 2 days ago:

What does this do that Vim doesn't, for you?

cocktailpeanuts said 2 days ago:

This doesn’t seem to let me edit, for starters.

D2187645 said 2 days ago:

Its backed up to the cloud out of the box.

eeZah7Ux said 2 days ago:

A text file in git or syncthing does the same.

johnghanks said 2 days ago: