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Visually Debugging a 6502 Assembly Program(docs.google.com)

26 pointsdreampeppers99 posted 2 days ago6 Comments
flohofwoe said a day ago:

Link to the start of the slide deck (for some reason the title link goes to a random page in the middle of the deck)


PS: a better title would be "How the NES worked (slide deck)"

pronoiac said 2 days ago:

It's about the inner workings of the NES, the old 6502 8-bit game system. And you'll have to use the back button a lot if you look at many slides.

dwheeler said 2 days ago:

The title should be "6502", not "6052"... correct?

pronoiac said 2 days ago:

Yup, I contacted the mods.

bhz said 2 days ago:

I've got my pitchfork.

dang said 2 days ago:

Fixed. Thanks!