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Ask HN: Why are managed database services so expensive?

I noticed that on virtually any platform that provides managed databases (Digital Ocean, GCP, AWS, etc etc) has non-linear price increases. I use a managed db service personally and it's easily 90% of my infrastructure bill. Why is that? What's going on under the hood? Is it really that costly for a service provider to provide a reliable and safe db?


Edit; I was referencing specifically postgresql, mongodb, and mysql

7 pointsg_delgado14 posted 2 months ago4 Comments
verdverm said 2 months ago:

You can often configure these a bit, things like number of open connections allowed.

Is it expensive? Is managing it yourself actually cheaper? How do salaries effect this calculation?

quintes said 2 months ago:

Think about configuring a multi az sync replication dB yourself. Then back it up regularly. Then make it scaleable. Patch management. It pays for itself!

sharemywin said 2 months ago:

which database? is it a licensing thing?

g_delgado14 said 2 months ago:

I've mostly noticed this with postgresql