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jacobovidal said 2 months ago:


This Jacobo, cofounder of Arengu, today we are launching Arengu in Product Hunt and I’ve also decided to write a blog post telling you about our journey building Arengu from scratch, the idea behind it and our vision. I hope this could inspire and help other founders!

As a quick context, Arengu is a SaaS that helps you to build all your sign-up logic without coding and streamline user onboarding by using your existing APIs or authentication systems.

A few highlights:

- Drag & drop editor: Build flows and forms in no time & with no code.

- Use cases templates: Registration flows, adaptive sign-up flows, passwordless flows, OTP email/SMS flows, social login, etc.

- Low-code: Reduce development time, maintenance & costs.

- Stack agnostic: Integrate it with any stack.

Read my blog post talking about how we've built Arengu from scratch, our story and vision: https://blog.arengu.com/arengu-the-brain-behind-signup-forms...

Also if you are a Product Hunt user, do not miss our launch at: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/arengu

I would love to receive any kind of feedback from you!