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cwaffles said 2 months ago:

Hi HN,

I've made a website for generating sed scripts with Rust and Typescript+React. Built this in a week to learn Rust with GraphQL and Diesel, and a bit of front end with React. Feedback is much appreciated.

Github: https://github.com/esemeniuc/replace.sh/

yyx said 2 months ago:

The example is not really helpful because you can do it with

  sed s/findo/replaco/g
cwaffles said 2 months ago:

That's true, I've considered that but I haven't found an example that is as easy to scan for quick demos.

level3 said 2 months ago:

It looks like you're not escaping single quotes in the find pattern, so the command output gets malformed.

Also, you're reading in the whole file before replacing, even though most uses of sed will probably be per line. Including an option for line-by-line (maybe as default) would be much better for large files.