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gdubs said 2 months ago:

I love the artistry and creativity around the HyperCard community.

Years ago I stumbled on this (wonderfully dorky) episode of Computer Chronicles, that focuses on HyperCard:


I love how the used-car salesman created his own application to help potential buyers find the right car. This was truly the “bicycle of the mind” era for computing; the user base was fairly self-selected, and people wanted to take full advantage of this new tool. [1].

The range of HyperCard was pretty amazing — famously, Myst was originally created with it:


1: https://www.folklore.org/StoryView.py?story=Bicycle.txt

whtrbt said 2 months ago:

I participated in a HyperCard game jam this weekend... I'm not much of a programmer and have never made a game before, but it was so easy to get something up and running.

I will probably make some more things in HyperCard when inspiration strikes.


inetsee said 2 months ago:

The hypercard stack translated (transcoded?) to HTML here: http://www.streettech.com/bcp/

jhull said 2 months ago:


  Mac Plus or higher
  5.5MB of hard disk space
  1.5MB of RAM
  HyperCard 2.0
Nzen said 2 months ago:

Sure, that's why archive offers a macintosh emulator that starts by clicking the large image at the top of the page.