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Devagamster said 24 days ago:

I've been working on Neovide for a couple months, it supports ligatures, emoji, and a nifty smear animated cursor. Maybe some folks here would find it useful or interesting.

Technically it uses Vulkan and is based on Google's Skia rendering library. Further it uses HarfBuzz for shaping and Winit for window management.

setr said 24 days ago:

That cursor animation is a surprisingly strong selling point.

Devagamster said 24 days ago:

That's interesting that you say that. To you is it the nifty-ness of it or the functionality? I'm considering new features now that the issue tidal wave has calmed down and trying to prioritize which ideas to tackle next.

skavi said 24 days ago:

Once Skia rolls out a Metal backend, would there be anything preventing a switch to Metal on macOS?