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ghostbrainalpha said 8 months ago:

Great project! In general I love the style of Hacker News and like how you copied it.

But if there was ever a site that it made it worth it to embed videos, this would be it.

I don't want to have to click each link to go to a new tab. I would love to just auto play all these videos in a playlist right from the page.

yaj54 said 8 months ago:

Thanks! Most of the videos are embedded -- for example: https://yahnd.com/theater/r/vimeo/36579366/

Simple Made Easy is not embedded because it looked to me like embeds were against InfoQ's TOS.

Or do you mean embedded on the rankings pages where there are lists of videos? The individual pages are there to showcase the HN comments, but I could see doing both.

ghostbrainalpha said 8 months ago:

I meant on the rankings page, but I can see how that would make it harder to highlight the discussion around each video.

yaj54 said 8 months ago:

Hey HN -- I made this site to give myself a steady stream of intriguing videos (mostly talks) to watch. I'm partial to the monthly ranking [0] as I find that many of those videos hit my personal threshold of "worth watching". Rankings, search index, and HN comments on vids are all updated live.

Hope you enjoy -- comments appreciated.

[0] https://yahnd.com/theater/?t=month

HeWhoLurksLate said 8 months ago:

Awesome, thanks! I was just wondering what I should repost first!


Just kidding- this is pretty awesome, and I'm glad you made it. Thank you!

dbieber said 8 months ago:

It would be great to see the video durations in the rankings.

phyrex said 8 months ago:

Well that's certainly well deserved!

dang said 8 months ago:

Submitted title was Show HN: HN Theater – “Simple Made Easy” Is Most Popular Video of Hacker News

We changed the URL from https://yahnd.com/theater/r/infoq/presentations/simple-made-... so the discussion will be about this project rather than a specific video.