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ftreml said a month ago:

Few years ago, when building a chatbot for an Austrian telecommunication provider, we noticed that none of the available test automation frameworks was really helping us in testing and training. So we started to build something from scratch, published it on Github, gave it the name "Botium" (Selenium for Websites, Appium for Apps, Botium for Bots ...), and 50k awesome developers downloaded it.

We gave it a pluggable architecture to work with all relevant Conversational AI and NLP/NLU providers out there, made it DevOps- and TestOps-friendly with a CLI and bindings to most loved test runners out there (Mocha, Jest, Jasmine, ...), and still the whole stack is Open Source on Github - thanks to our awesome community and cooperations with ISVs.

Curious to hear your thoughts on the topic - clearly, testing a Conversational AI holds some special challenges for you in regards of test coverage and test levels (API vs E2E).

ftreml said a month ago:

Here is the link to the Github repository: https://github.com/codeforequity-at/botium-core