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WaltPurvis said 8 months ago:

I've bought six monitor stands in the past two months (don't ask) and in no case did this tool surface any of the stands I actually bought, all of them very popular models (i.e., high sales rankings, lots of reviews).

On another note, the competition in monitor stands has been great for consumers. A decade ago Ergotron was basically the only option for high-quality stands. Now, I just bought stands that cost 1/3 or less of what an Ergotron goes for and the quality is at least as good as the two Ergotrons I have. The quality is astounding for the price.

nkrisc said 8 months ago:

Any manufacturer you can recommend as a competitor to Ergotron? I was looking at their stands because my monitor is on the heavier side (~26 lbs / 11kg) and expensive so I want an adjustable arm stand that I can trust to hold it securely.

A lot of cheaper stands say they only hold up to about 20 lbs.

GrumpyYoungMan said 8 months ago:

I'd suggests the ones from Ergomart, e.g. https://www.ergomart.com/monitor-mounts/monitor-arms/saa2415.... They have options on some models that support up to 55 lbs as well as other models with extended reach.

WaltPurvis said 8 months ago:

I've never looked for that because I don't have any monitors that weigh anywhere close to that. (The heaviest monitors I have are 27" 4K monitors weighing 12 lbs each.) The brands I bought are WALI and Vivo, and they're both excellent, but I don't know if they have any stands that will support 26 lbs.

nkrisc said 8 months ago:

Thanks, I'll look more into those brands.

If anyone is in a similar position, I've got a 34" ultrawide, so it's a bit heavy. I was looking at the Ergotron HX Monitor Arm as it can hold 20 to 42 lbs, but it's about $280. The best I could find on Vivo (STAND-V101H) has a maximum capacity of 26 lbs, so it might just work out.

Of course my monitor comes with what is actually a very nice stand, but it just takes up so much room.

theknarf said 8 months ago:

- What if I want a monitor arm that's more than quadruple? (A colleague has 6 screens, stacked 3 on top of 3).

- What is a grommet mount? Maybe some images?

- Why can't I answer "no" to "do I have a color preference"?

- "What size Vesa mount", would love an illustration image here

- There doesn't seem to be any Quadruple + adjustable stands in your database

- What about accessories?

- I can't filter nor sort on price?

- When showing the list it doesn't show me a number telling me how many results there are.

- Can I filter on brand?

- Can I convert currency into Euro?

- What about shipping prices?

- What about availability?

- What about rating?

- Some monitor arms have built in USB-hubs, but I can't filter on this.

Otherwise a good site, just missing some features. The database over available stands also feels a bit small, but I'll bookmark it for later.

Jessie_James said 8 months ago:

Please extend this ... to every product on Amazon.

Please also treat identical images as the same product. Copycat products on Amazon are the bane of my existence. I hate scrolling through pages of "products" and seeing the same "product" listed repeatedly even though they are simply different listings.

sh87 said 8 months ago:

Just saw a similar Show HN post [1] comparing usb-c hubs [2]. Am I spotting a new trend ?

[1]: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=22152736

[2]: https://www.usb-hubs.org/

itemGrey said 8 months ago:

Not a Show HN trend I'm liking, seems lazy.

grammarxcore said 8 months ago:

Why is coding something that could easily add functionality to, say, PC Part Picker, a lazy trend?

duxup said 8 months ago:

This one seems to somehow not come up with a lot of options that are out there ... a number of products that I know I found on Amazon aren't on there no matter what I answer on this system.

quickthrower2 said 8 months ago:

Lazy and a way to make a quick buck from affiliate commissions promoting the one true shop.

pram said 8 months ago:

Completely unusable on iPhone.

obilgic said 8 months ago:

We are currently working on it :/ Thanks for the patience

MH15 said 8 months ago:

Unusable on Pixel 3a in Chrome as well.

shmoogy said 8 months ago:

The viewport doesn't allow a usable interface on iPhone XS. E: Starting from first question

enyei said 8 months ago:

UX feedback: Dont make me click "Continue" when all I have is one choice! If there's only 1 possible option, proceed to the next question after I have made the selection.

obilgic said 8 months ago:

Fixed. Thanks for the feedback

nkrisc said 8 months ago:

A picture of a white, single monitor, adjustable arm stand links to this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00C5H5DN0

I wish I could tell you what monitor it was showing me, but the site hides all information that would let me skip the affiliate links.

obilgic said 8 months ago:

Can you tell which one has the wrong link, there might be a wrong link on the data. I would like to fix it.

Edit: I checked the link on the white single arm, It seems correct. Please let me know if its a different one.

Edit 2: I mostly built it for myself, because I was going crazy over seeing 100s different options and trying to filter . Then realized that I could add links and give it a try (never done it before). Didn't mean to be aggressive. And if you look at the product names they are all useless and make the page look very ugly, that why I decided to not display them.

nkrisc said 8 months ago:

Single -> Adjustable -> Desk -> Not Sure -> 100x100

Second option for $54.99. Maybe it's technically silver, but looked white to me.

obilgic said 8 months ago:

Thanks for the info. Seems like it was broken. Fixing it.

And here is the non affiliate link for that product


ternaryoperator said 8 months ago:

If you're looking for feedback, I'd suggest that the prices have two decimal points. A price of $49.9 looks wrong.

obilgic said 8 months ago:

Should be fixed soon, Good catch :)

00taffe said 8 months ago:

Hi, congrats What is the stack?