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Raed667 said 8 months ago:

Cool idea love the simple UI.

Couple of notes:

- The date picker is not super keyboard friendly, let me type to go faster than a select.

- You can save the event on some basic server and generate a uuid to share/edit them, that way i can link to my countdown.

malczak said 8 months ago:

Thanks for you feedback - I assumed date picker will be easier for user. Interesting to hear the other way around would be better.

When it comes to persistency - maybe I will add it some point, but no plans at this point

rusinov said 8 months ago:

Nice little site, hope you had a good time making it.

malczak said 8 months ago:

Thanks, I did and I've learnt a lot

malczak said 8 months ago:

Hi there, my side project created to learn Svelte. To/Since date countdown timers. Private - data is saved in browser storage. No ads, no login, no nothing just time passing by.

darrenwestall said 8 months ago:

What website did you get your imagery from? I’ve seen it before but I’ve lost the link!

Cool site too, bookmarked :)

malczak said 8 months ago:

Thanks! For opening graphics I've used https://undraw.co

nanobyte109 said 8 months ago:

The fact that it has the mm/dd/yyyy format makes me dislike the website

malczak said 8 months ago:

OK.. so give it a second try ;) formatting is now based on detected browser locale.

nanobyte109 said 8 months ago:


But it still shows the date as mm/dd/yyyy format on the top right of the event box.

BTW you dont need momentjs, you can use Intl.DateTimeFormat https://developer.mozilla.org/de/docs/Web/JavaScript/Referen...

malczak said 8 months ago:

My bad - bug fixed

Thanks for pointing me to Intl formatting - I will probably migrate in next iteration.

malczak said 8 months ago:

I fully understand this - localisation is on it's way.