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QueensGambit said a month ago:

Hi HN,

As a product manager, I have been creating user surveys using Google forms and sending it to users on email. But, users rarely respond to such surveys. So, I created a tool to embed Google Form in my app. This way, I can get instant feedback from users, when they are using the app.

I am publishing it as Google Forms add on, so that any product manager can use it in their app to get user feedback. What do you think this tool?

visionerdy said a month ago:

Its a smart move to reuse Google Forms for user surveys. Looks nice! But, I am worried how this will look like on my app. Is this UI customizable?

QueensGambit said a month ago:

Thanks! Yes. The idea is to help product teams who are already are comfortable with Google Forms/Sheets to keep track of their bugs and features.

On the look and feel, you can customize the UI to make it look like your app. Also, it uses bootstrap. So, you can import your own bootstrap CSS to change the UI.