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darekkay said 8 months ago:

I am missing one important information - is it a web app or a native (desktop only?) application? What devices are supported?

> Desktop First. Take back control of your time and read only on your desktop, don't let news follow you on your phone.

I understand the reasoning, but I personally love having Feedly and Pocket (apps that I could consider replacing with your product) on my mobile phone. I can in fact go faster through my RSS feeds than on my computer.

tmartty said 8 months ago:

Hey thanks for checking it out. It's a web app.

Yes, Feedly and Pocket was what I used before Monocle too, they're awesome. You can use Monocle on mobile too but it's not optimized for it, since I believe you shouldn't be reading the news or your online content on the phone but rather more confortably on a computer. Yet, the possibility exists if you want to.

Also, since you mentioned Pocket, I made a companion browser extension for Monocle which allows you to save articles to read later. So basically merging Feedly and Pocket into one app.