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Has Google search quality considerably gone considerably for others?

Lately I have been having a much hard time searching on Google. Couple quick example:

1. The date filter no longer seems to work. For example, if I search for "reddit dating app" and set the date filter to be "Past week" or "Past month", it still shows me results from few years ago.

2. Using quotes for exact matches often doesn't work for me either.

Is this happening for others too?

7 pointsbusymom0 posted a month ago9 Comments
heavyset_go said a month ago:

Yes. I just use Searx[1], now. It aggregates multiple search engine results and has Docker images available. There are also public instances you can use.

[1] https://github.com/asciimoo/searx

mastah88 said a month ago:

On top of that, Google started censoring websites that talk about medicine, supplements, natural treatments and remedies. And very knowledgeable websites run by doctors like www.examine.com camt be found in Google anymore.

muzani said a month ago:

It's still not bad for me, still above DuckDuckGo. But I live in Malaysia, and so I tend to get less results relevant to my area, for example, searching certain kinds of acronyms. I might have to resort to Bing soon though.

yellow_lead said a month ago:

Although I love DDG, I'm having problems on all search engines these days.

Spooky23 said a month ago:

I’ve noticed changes, but I’m not sure what to attribute to Google vs the net changing.

The date thing is a great example — sites don’t date articles anymore. Another issue is that personal websites are dead, so the stuff that used to be on some professor’s blog are not obscured in Facebook or some awful twitter thread.

mailslot said a month ago:

I’ve actually started to resort to Bing every now and again. It’s THAT bad.

I used to be able to get very specific and find lines in source code, for instance. Well, that probably breaks emoji search or something and is near impossible.

It’s always suggesting that I’d rather see something else. Short of typos, it’s NEVER right.

new_guy said a month ago:

Yup, and along with the recent redesign it's gone to total garbage.

I think there's an opening now for someone to start a new search, just to take it back to what Google used to be.

sethammons said a month ago:


superasn said a month ago:

Yes both in quality and also usability.