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Ask HN: What Linux kernel hacks have you made and why?

I am interested in seeing what kind of applications (commercial or personal) people have found for modifying the linux kernel

3 pointsknackfuss posted a month ago3 Comments
karmakaze said a month ago:

Hacks are fun if you're just playing around on one machine. If you're managing servers or need your workstation to always work after upgrades, they are a pain.

I've never modified the kernel, at most recompiled back-in-the-day before most things became dynamically loadable. There's a small number of settings that need tuning for various purposes (e.g. database server). The most challenging one was getting server motherboard BIOS/CMOS settings in sync with the kernel to get NUMA memory on multi-processor machines to behave consistently.

ShiroiAkuma said a month ago:

To me all kernel tweaking I remember is setting up tonnes of stuffs for MPTCP kernel for my pi and getting it running sith raspibian. Ofcourse, I had followed a blog with instructions but the feeling is undeniably awesome. And results are astonishing too. Really fun.

knackfuss said a month ago:

sounds fun, but what was the ultimate purpose with MPTCP in that case?