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Ask HN: Simple PHP and MySQL CRUD to base your next project on?

I have been looking for quite some time for a simple tool or framework that allows me to spin up a public web CRUD app with APIs, Google account auth, edit database & logic via web editor.

Preferrably based on PHP and MySQL. Is anyone aware such a tool or similar framework?

7 pointsbkfh posted 8 months ago6 Comments
codegeek said 8 months ago:

Go with Laravel framework. Great documentation, community, ecosystem, tutorials such as laracasts.com and tooling like forge for deployment. You can setup a CRUD application super fast. It also comes built in with vuejs frontend even though you can easily swap with another one like react etc. Go for it.

r_singh said 8 months ago:

Pretty sure Laravel, Zend or Symphony can help with all that you're looking for.

rocketpastsix said 8 months ago:

Zend is now Laminas, just for clarification.

karmakaze said 8 months ago:

I did a fairly broad and deep investigation into PHP frameworks a number of years ago and the best framework I found was Yii[0]. It had scaffolding generators and was very well designed for both database and caching performance while still being relative easy to use. It even generates command-line tasks so you can use the framework for one-off or recurring jobs. There's a pretty big ecosystem now with many plugin style libraries.

[0] https://www.yiiframework.com/

Edit: TL;DR - it's made the way I would have made a framework which is a rare find.

bkfh said 8 months ago:

Amazing, thanks for all your comments!

alt_f4 said 8 months ago:

CakePHP is awesome for that.