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lifeisstillgood said 7 months ago:

I have read the article, looked at their site and I still don't get it. I think the article is about how a company that sends out automated emails, learnt how to send out automated emails.

But ... nothing is clear - there is a lot of vagueness here - this seems to me to be a very small part of a sales funnel.

standrews said 7 months ago:

Anything particular you were missing from the post? I'm the author and did my best to share everything that's relevant, but may have missed some parts.

lifeisstillgood said 7 months ago:

sorry, long day.

I think it's more I was missing concrete examples - describe the sales team that is having a problem, why can't they send emails on certain events themselves, what was preventing this? Why can't the CRM they have help them? Why can't they use some API to join this up?

I also (and this is from memory) did not quite get why your company (a email sending company) was having its own problems sending emails on certain CRM events? I may have misunderstood that part.

But it does raise an interesting question of "business events" - I feel a central ledger of events in every business would make so many things simpler - an eBPF for business

marc_io said 7 months ago:

Yes, it's very meta. But I enjoyed their openness in describing a real issue they had and how their own tool entered the cenario as a part of the solution.

z3rgl1ng said 7 months ago:

Really squishy.