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baud147258 said 10 months ago:

I'm sad that Every frame a painting stopped making new videos. But at least we still got all the content they've produced.

enobrev said 10 months ago:

I've been subscribed for a long time and wondered what ever happened to the channel. It's an excellent series and I'm bummed to know it's done.

Your comment led me to looking up the postmortem, which is well written and educational.


dredmorbius said 10 months ago:

Thanks, seeing just the HN title, I'd known who'd produced the video, and wanted to share their farewell.

I've also written on that myself:


puranjay said 10 months ago:

Still the benchmark for all these video essays. My wife has used the videos in an introduction to film analysis class. Truly a great resource

dang said 10 months ago:
smacktoward said 10 months ago:

I own a copy of My Lunches with Orson and can confirm it's a fantastic read. Not everything Welles says is strictly true, of course -- he was a legendary self-mythologizer, and here what he's saying is getting to us filtered through Jaglom as well -- but he certainly seems like a guy it would have been fun to have lunch with!

Rels said 10 months ago:

Like others, I recommend absolutely every video of this channel. They were eye opening for me about the ways film makers use to make us feel emotions. And when they had nothing else to say, they just stopped instead of pumping out lesser essays, like some others would do (and did).

The only thing coming close in terms of quality for me is Chroma, but it's French so not known at all in the English speaking internet world.

forgot-my-pw said 10 months ago:

I truly miss this channel. Even the short video about chairs was great.

opwieurposiu said 10 months ago:

Buster Keaton was the jackie chan of the gilded age. 100 years later and very few people have reached his level of stuntwork.


philwelch said 10 months ago:

That makes me smile, people used to say Jackie Chan was the Hong Kong Buster Keaton.

HillaryBriss said 10 months ago:

Jackie Chan once credited Buster Keaton as an influence on his own acting and film making, which, in my book, makes him a cultural-epochal appropriator. Late 20th century Hong Kong film actors must not be allowed to imitate or mock early 20th century Hollywood silent film actors.

Ididntdothis said 10 months ago:

Progress gets made by people imitating what other people do and then modifying it. If this gets labeled as cultural appropriation then we should just stop any kind of progress. I am sure Keaton got his inspiration from predecessors so he is probably an appropriator too.

abraCadabstrax said 10 months ago:

I highly recommend watch Buster Keaton with Philip Glass on as the soundtrack. Fun times.