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dang said 10 months ago:
atdt said 10 months ago:

The TrueType font is still embedded in the specimen PDF.

beefhash said 10 months ago:

Not that ripping it from there has become any more legal in the meantime.

thrusong said 10 months ago:

This is an honest question, but how can they charge for something they do not own? I mean, wouldn't you be able to use those letter forms just like they are?

beefhash said 10 months ago:

Font copyright is a weird thing[1]. In the U.S. at least, the letterforms themselves cannot be subject to copyright, but font files themselves as "software" may be. This may differ between jurisdictions (or even be entirely unclear and yet undecided by the courts in some places).

[1] See for a gentle overview in the U.S. e.g. https://practicaltypography.com/the-copyright-status-of-font...

bartvanH said 10 months ago:

In the article the creator of the font said that they see it as "an echo or a simulacrum", IANAL, but i would say that that recreation is a work of its own under at least copyright law. And ignoring the legal angle for a moment, they did put a lot of work into it, so asking money for it is not wrong imho

beefhash said 10 months ago:

Though the irony of charging money for type design that was thrown in the river to prevent a certain someone from doing so is not lost on me.

alpaca128 said 10 months ago:

According to the article the digital font was created before the recovery of the original letter forms, and seemed to take quite some time. So it's more than just "copy-pasting".

I'm not sure how a lawyer would interpret that, but considering the original font is 120 years old I think it was fine to use it as a basis for something they charge for. From a practical standpoint it would cost me less to just buy it instead of manually recreating it for myself.

taeric said 10 months ago:

For some reason, seeing an old type, I jump straight to see what the thorn character looked like. Cool to see it in there, curious if it was originally up with the rest of the common letters in older sorting.