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Ask HN: How can I find communities like web development but for space theories

I enjoy being part of front end web development. weekly newsletters/ github / hackernews are good platform to share and gain knowledge.

4 years back I was suggested by one of quora answer to subscribe to newsletters like jsweekly/cssweekly/htmlweekly/ bloggers/ twitter channels to follow etc. It helped me a lot for my learnings and keeping myself updated.

Similarly if someone has list of things to do related to scientific theories/ journals where beginners learn and share their knowledge I would really appreciate your help. Thanks.

EDIT 1: asking this to setup a reading and practicing routine. My front end routine used to be scroll feedly app while commuting and practice most interesting one after reaching office and start work. Like reading lists on daily/ weekly basis.

6 pointsimvetri posted 4 months ago5 Comments
imvetri said 4 months ago:
new_guy said 4 months ago:

Reddit is probably a good place to look. If you don't find anything you can always throw up your own site to get it going!

imvetri said 4 months ago:

Thanks!. Im looking for sites for daily/ weekly reading lists

tectonic said 4 months ago:

Self-promotion: check out https://orbitalindex.com

Japhy_Ryder said 4 months ago: