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Ask HN: What are some product management communities online?

I am a frontend developer/bootstrapping founder, and I am interested in learning about and becoming a Product Manager.

Where can I virtually hang out to learn more about Product Management?

If there is any PM reading this, I would love to be some sort of apprentice (as a volunteer - I just moved to the US and will get my work permit to work here in two months).

17 pointssoneca posted a year ago2 Comments
mud_dauber said a year ago:

Reddit & Slack have multiple, active PM communities. There’s no one “master” source of information, so bookmark several of them. Pragmatic is probably the best known of several companies that offer training & certifications. I also have a directory of ~300 PM bookmarks on my personal page, organized by topic: bjpcjp.github.io/prodmgmt.

Finally: google “product camp” for events in your city.

lucasverra said a year ago:

start here, kinda high level but their are building a community around it => https://www.producthunt.com/@villaumbrosia/made