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Test of HN to See If This Displays Unicode 1F801 (UpArrow)

This is supposed to be "Upwards Arrow with small triangle arrowhead: 🠁 It enters ok, lets see if it HN allows this Unicode character.

2 pointswatergatorman posted 4 months ago9 Comments
bradknowles said 4 months ago:

On iOS, it’s a square with a question mark inside.

a3n said 4 months ago:

Android, Firefox: Nope. It's a grey rectangle, long side horizontal.

watergatorman said 4 months ago:

Yes, it displays correctly in HN. Now I can submit some content that best uses UpArrow for synthesized attribute in AG. Thank you HN for supporting Unicode!

NonEUCitizen said 4 months ago:

You need to test on more browsers... try https://www.browserstack.com/

PaulHoule said 4 months ago:

It looks messed up to me on my android tablet.

greenyoda said 4 months ago:

It also doesn't work on my Windows 7 machine.

Firefox displays a little rectangle with "01F801" in it, and Chrome displays just an empty little rectangle. So it looks like the character doesn't appear in all Unicode fonts. (My browsers display other Unicode characters in HN comments OK, such as Chinese text.)

mindcrime said 4 months ago:

Chrome on Linux here, it looks fine.

mindcrime said 4 months ago:

Firefox on Linux now, looks fine here also.

rurban said 4 months ago:

Not on Android 9 Chrome 75