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George Orwell's 1984 is our world today(iafrikan.com)

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rofo1 said a year ago:

"Miller argued that television in the United States teaches a different kind of conformity than that portrayed in the novel. In the novel, the telescreen is used to produce conformity to the Party. In Miller’s argument, television produces conformity to a system of rapacious consumption – through advertising as well as a focus on the rich and famous. ... Many viewers conform by measuring themselves against what they see on television, such as dress, relationships and conduct. In Miller’s words, television has “set the standard of habitual self-scrutiny.”"

Well, and not only that. As near as I can tell, we are rapidly diverging from "classical" Christian Western values and substituting them with new values that are even less tolerant.

I can't tell the last time I've seen a movie or series with a regular family, male and female without issues like adultery, problems with alcohol, gambling, perversions, single-parent households, divorces, etc.; with normal kids, that aren't using drugs, or having sex at age of 14, and so on, and so on.

Can that be a coincidence, sometimes I wonder..

It sure feels like we are gambling with the Western civilization. We are quick to forget that everything in this world is more or less a result of it, doesn't matter how politically correct we must be in the "new world order".

Even God cannot defy facts.

Anyway, the article is not worth reading - we are, after all, doing this ourselves out of our own volition. So, it's a choice. It's still a choice.

elvecinodeabajo said a year ago:

Not at all. For me it's like a mix of 1984 and Aldous Huxley's 'Brave New World'.

chewz said a year ago:

For me it is Down and Out in Paris and London by Orwell at the moment.

While current technologies might enable Orwellian world in not too distant future we are very far from 1984.

We are far from propaganda preassure of Stalin's Great Purge or Mao's Great Leap.

[1] https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Down_and_Out_in_Paris_and_Lo...

elvecinodeabajo said a year ago:

Didn't read. I'll write down the title to remember it and try to read it soon.


mugwort13 said a year ago:

Yet we are still somehow free to publish or post articles such as these without being arrested, tortured, interrogated, electrocuted, and having our heads locked in a rage cage. Perhaps the author is exaggerating just a bit.

Mattasher said a year ago:

True still in many places. Though in some countries you can be arrested for "hateful" posts or acts even if they are non-violet. You can also be kicked off Facebook, Twitter, Patreon, LinkedIn, Paypal, Youtube, the app stores, and Visa payment processing for expressing unpopular opinions. So not jail, more like a version of the black-mirror punishment that made undesirables invisible blurs.

rolltiide said a year ago:

Pack it up everyone, we can talk about it so therefore end of argument

elvecinodeabajo said a year ago:

We can talk about it, but many people can't. Let's talk about them.

thomaswang said a year ago:

Depend on where you live. About 20-30% of the global pop cannot.