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Benjamin_Dobell said 3 months ago:

> - Our challenge includes computers and servers, configured for file sharing

> -No other special configuration: no firewall and no antivirus or other defense programs are installed

> - The only defense mechanism is Cyber 2.0 in System

> - Hackers will gain access to the network via a Wi-Fi access point

> - They will also receive the admin user name and password for each of the computer and servers participating in the challenge

The news video on the page also says hackers were given just 5 hours on site.

How does this compare to other security challenges? 5 hours seems like a very short amount of time to me. No doubt someone genuinely interested in hacking your corporate network is going to put more than 5 hours effort it.

theredbox said 3 months ago:

Israeli startups are always over confident about everything. They have a track record of delivering but also making bogus claims like this.

tomglynch said 3 months ago:

It's a pretty shitty looking website considering the confidence. Maybe there's just nothing to actually hack.

said 3 months ago:
viach said 3 months ago:

They don't really expect it to happen, don't they?

yreg said 3 months ago:

Offering bounties for hacking your system is a good idea.

Claiming to be unhackable seems dishonest. How would they know?