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bhaak said 3 months ago:

Shouldn't this rather be called the "Italian Lobsters"? :-)

quickthrower2 said 3 months ago:

Prawn (gambero) is close enough.

chobeat said 3 months ago:

The software is Lobste.rs' but the goal for what the community should become is closer to what HackerNews is right now. Clearly, as the name implies, we acknoledge the importance of using their software, but the community we want to build is different.

paglia_s said 3 months ago:

Request an invite. Would it be possible to get a non-white background? it doesn't have to be dark but something HN-style would really help my eyes

chobeat said 3 months ago:

we are working on a toggable dark mode. Everybody is asking for it and we hope to deliver it soon.

MzxgckZtNqX5i said 3 months ago:

How can I request an invite if I don't want to publicly expose my email address on a website?

oeuviz said 3 months ago:

In this very moment only three submissions on the frontpage are actually Italian.

duiker101 said 3 months ago:

while that is true, just like in here, some of the most important content comes in the form of comments, which are all Italian. It's also where the community comes in touch and can discuss things with a similar outlook.

Ideabile said 3 months ago:

To be fair, even if Italian is my main language I still have issues using while talking about software. So my natural language for that is just English.

I think would help everybody keeping like that. But that rise a question, why do we need an Italian HN? (this is not scepticism but just natural question) Which target is that platform aming to, different than HN already does?

Great initiative anyway!

chobeat said 3 months ago:

You can read our motivation here: https://gambe.ro/about

I would say there's a huge target demographic that HN will never cover. HN is addressing a very narrow target. A very vocal and over-represented one, but very small in terms of absolute numbers. The IT sector is big and diverse and a single platform will never cover it.

If we think about the Italian case, this is doubly true because the whole sector in our country has a very different structure: the material conditions, the working culture, the power relationships between the programmers, the job market and the employers are completely different than in Germany or California and what is being discussed here, rarely apply to Italy. This clearly reflects also on the technical side: in a body-rental based IT sector like the one in Italy, good practices, innovation and the choice of tecnologies need to answer needs that are very different in a sector where you have mostly flexible startups or titanic companies with endless resources. That's why there's value in a dedicated community, because we can avoid the erasure of these economical, cultural and technical differences.

chobeat said 3 months ago:

This is true, and I have very strong feelings about developing an indigenous discourse on technology and against the passive acceptance of the influences and ideologies coming from California. At the same time, the production right now is limited and while we privilege content in Italian, technical articles are almost always written in English and therefore we need to compromise. Limiting submissions to content in Italian would kill the community on the spot.

paglia_s said 3 months ago:

> This is true, and I have very strong feelings about developing an indigenous discourse on technology and against the passive acceptance of the influences and ideologies coming from California.

Italian here, I can agree that it would be nice if more "indigenous" tech stuff existed in Italian but English is the de facto language in tech and anyone working on the field should be able to at least read English articles otherwise you'll only limit yourself.

Here on HN we see many blog posts or content produced by non-native English speakers and I don't see what's wrong with it, it opens up your content to an huge community that's quite global not only from SV

chobeat said 3 months ago:

it's fine, but every language allows to express ideas that cannot be expressed in other languages, or allows you to think about the same ideas from a different perspective. While I agree that a common language is necessary, erasing all the important things that exists outside that language is as bad as not being able to understand each other.

ReDeiPirati said 3 months ago:

Finally!! So happy to see the italian transposition of HN/lobste.rs to my language. So happy :)

Thanks a lot, chobeat!

Tinfoilhat666 said 3 months ago:

How will the EU article 11 and 13 link tax affect European news aggregators like this? Very brave to launch something like this at this moment.

chobeat said 3 months ago:

we have no profit and we can demostrate it, so it shouldn't affect us. Also, since we don't have to pay taxes, it's not clear under which jurisdiction we are. The host is in Italy, the domain is from Romenia, the guy paying the domain is in Germany (me) and the guy handling the host is again in Italy. These articles will be received by different coutnries in different ways and until then, one cannot really know what's going to happen. Most likely nothing, they are a very poor piece of legislation even for the despicable goals they had.