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Mock Interview Resources for Software Engineering Interviews?

Howdy ya'll, a little bit about me: I’m a rising senior aiming to go into software engineering after graduation, and currently preparing for full-time recruiting this fall. I’ve spent many hours on Leetcode, CTCI, and HackerRank to hone my algorithm skills.

The next step in the interview prep is to find a good mock interviewing platform, but I can’t seem to find any. Only one I heard of is SoftwareTrain ( https://softwaretrain.gettechtrained.com/ ) , but they’re new so don’t know much about them. Do you guys know of any other ones?

Please comment which resources you guys are using for mock interviews.

31 pointsCSJunior97 posted 3 months ago10 Comments
Lindenmayer said 3 months ago:

https://www.pramp.com/ (I really like this one and I use it weekly for my preparation)



kp25 said 3 months ago:


(I've used this to get my second job, pretty good for prep & mock interviews)

aryehof said 3 months ago:

You seem to very much focused on data structures and algorithms, which I do understand is the only way many organizations can quantify prospective programmers (other than knowledge of "technologies" and "languages").

I'm curious what your response would be to the following interview question ...

"How would you model into code the operation of an elevator?"

(I'm wonder whether your viewpoint is solely one of data structures and algorithms that transform them. Or whether you might also have some other perspective of how to go about approaching the design of a software application?)

zimpenfish said 3 months ago:

> "How would you model into code the operation of an elevator?"

"I refer the honorable gentleman to TAOCP, Volume 1, page N where DEK discusses this extensively."

I think it's V1 but it's been a while

lilsoso said 3 months ago:

The elevator question is deceptively difficult and I find there aren't any decent answers to it on the internet. People have devoted phd papers to this topic. And there are sparse Leetcode discussions on this subject.

aryehof said 3 months ago:

I suggest it is particularly difficulty if you have no method or approach to apply. That in itself says a lot about an applicants design and programming ability. Given that much of software development is about modeling systems (real or imagined) into code, is it too much to ask that a "programmer" know something about it?

thorin said 3 months ago:

It is difficult, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be an interesting 10 min discussion as part of an interview.

pryelluw said 3 months ago:

Shoot me an email, I help people with mock interviews. Free, no bs, just paying fwd.

1 hour long, mix of technical and behavioural.

I interview people at my job.

CSJunior97 said 3 months ago:

I've tried mock interviewing with friends and it has been helpful, but I think mock interviewing a professional would be most effective

dzaragozar said 3 months ago:

Please add Ask HN: to the tile, it will be easier to find for the community :)