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Account Deletion

I don't want my HN account anymore and leaving a dead account hanging around like a bad toenail is simply untidy.

Am I missing the delete button somewhere or has the most straightforward DELETE operation in history still not been implemented on hacker news?

7 pointslagg posted 2 months ago3 Comments
throwawaymath said 2 months ago:

As a counterpoint, it drives me nuts when I see a graveyard of deleted comments on reddit. Do you want all your activity to vanish or do you just want to disown the username?

I think a fair compromise would be to simply delete the account name associated with comments.

lagg said 2 months ago:

A fair point, and honestly I wasn't even thinking about my posts one way or the other. But yes reddit's thread quality is unfortunate. The writing on the wall here in a similar sense is actually why I'm trying to make things expedient and delete it now so I don't have old things to look back on or any compulsion to come back.

And seriously, I'm guessing many users here have password managers. Eventually one sees it and gets curious. I'd rather just avoid the imminent depression.

said 2 months ago: