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Tell HN: Amazon Reviews Phishing

So it seems you could show one product and show ratings and reviews for a completely different product underneath it.

I've been noticing a lot of these on Amazon now-a-days and I'm not sure what's the loophole and how they manage to achieve it.

Look at this product -


The product is a wireless earbud. And if you scroll down, you can clearly see the reviews are for a Sony headphone case. Completely different.

Or this - https://www.amazon.com/littlejian-Headphones-Earphones-Microphone-Compatible/dp/B07SRP7F1X/

It's an headphone, but the ratings and reviews are for a Facial steamer!

There are several examples. I got fooled nearly when the reviews are for a headphone, and the product is also a headphone, except they are completely different products.. I'm not even sure what to categorize this as.

I tried searching for this but couldn't find any references to this. If you have faced this / know if this has been covered already, please share the relevant links.

4 pointsavinoth posted a year ago