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Ask HN: 2D animation or video editing framework with programming interface?

I'm currently working with the open-source OpenToonz (released by Studio Ghibli: https://opentoonz.github.io/e/), but the ECMAScript API is not very robust.

I tried Blender3D, which has a robust Python API, but it renders extremely slowly, even with raytracing off.

Youtuber 3Blue1Brown has a specialized math animation toolkit (https://github.com/3b1b; example here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmgkSdhK4K8), but it's lacking in tutorials and doesn't seem too suited for my purposes.

3 pointsddxxdd posted 14 days ago3 Comments
kleer001 said 12 days ago:

It's 3D (but that's really up to your camera and shader settings) but since you've tried Blender... you may want to try Houdini.

Unfortunately it is not free or open source. However it is extremely powerful. It has python and it has a robust API. It has daily builds and top tier support! Also lively communities over at




and tons and tons of tutorials.

(source: Me, I've been a huge Houdini fan for 20 years)

billconan said 14 days ago:

you could try: https://cindyjs.org/

iraldir said 12 days ago:

You should try Spine by Esoteric software.