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chadmckenna said 3 months ago:

Hello! For the past six months I've been developing a simple note app to aid my workflow. Recently, I've spent a lot of time at work doing architecture work and a lot of that time has been researching new technologies and unfortunately this hasn't left me a lot of time write code. This application has served the purpose of allowing me to continue to write some code on the side and build out a simple and powerful tool to share the research I've been working on with my team.

There really isn't anything special about the application when it comes to notes apps, it uses a pretty generic flavor of markdown for writing and formatting your notes, it allows you to make any of your notes public and provide people with a share link to read your content, it also encrypts the data at a column level to add an extra layer of security, it has a feature to add a little more structure to your notes by having multiple input boxes on a single note, and its also surprisingly fast!

The app is currently free to use (very much in beta) and is still lacking some features but I wanted to get it out there and get some feedback from the community. Let me know what you think! Thanks!

meagher said 3 months ago:

looks cool. heavily github-inspired design.

i'd remove the "beta" tag from the navbar logo on log in/sign up.

chadmckenna said 3 months ago:

Yeah, I used the Github design system called Primer for most of my views, I like the simplicity of it and it feels natural since I spend so much time in Github. And that's probably a good idea, thanks!