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If you're planning to join a remote team in a tech role, wouldn't it be fun to imagine how your future life would look like? You would wake up in your bed, and walk to a coffee machine, and walk to your laptop, and then...

Would you have a daily standup and what time? Would you write words to a Slack channel, or should you physically stand up on a Zoom call? (meaning, should you have your clothes on at this point)

I asked some remote teams to share their engineering habits in the following categories:

- Daily Standups

- Pair Programming

- ️Agile Software Development

- Continuous Delivery

- Open Source Contributor

- Good For Junior Devs

- Learning & Sharing

I know there's room for the data to grow, so if you're running a remote team, you too can add your engineering culture – add your company to fill in the details: https://remotehub.io/hire-remotely

If you're working in a remote team (well done!), it would be very nice of you to notify your boss. You'll definitely earn some karma points. I think.