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Alternative for Feedly?

I know rss readers have been discussed at length on HN but I tried several of them and couldn't find what I was looking for (not for free/cheap anyway).

Here's my problem:

In Feedly's "Today" view I only always get 12 articles per feed. Why can't I see all articles from today or the last 24 hours or something? I can see more if I refresh the "Today" view, but I don't want to have to keep refreshing. I just want to see everything for today (whatever today means in Feedly).

Any suggestions?

What would also be great is once I finished with "Today" I could see the top X most popular articles from all my older unread articles. That way I read through the latest plus the most popular from last week. And I'm done. 0 inbox.

7 pointsgabor_biro posted 3 months ago8 Comments
neuroticfish said 3 months ago:

I've mostly given up trying to keep up with RSS. I feel like if I subscribe to "top story" feeds, I'm missing out on a lot of interesting stuff. If I subscribe to the information firehose, it's too much for me to consume. After years of trying tons of readers and configurations I've just settled on a subscription to a local online publication and a few strictly moderated subreddits that are relevant to my interests. That said, of all the readers I've tried I liked Newsblur the best.

m-p-3 said 3 months ago:

I'm currently using Inoreader[1] with the Supporter plan ($20/yr), works well so far.

[1]: https://www.inoreader.com/

greenyoda said 3 months ago:

I've been using http://newsblur.com for years (since Google News died) and have been very happy with it. They'll give you 64 RSS subscriptions for free, and unlimited subscriptions for $36/year (I pay for the unlimited version).

I use their web interface, but I think they also have phone apps available.

kleer001 said 3 months ago:

I've been using newsblur as well (unlimited as well), but only on my phone. From an iphone to a pixel it's been fine and dandy. There was a problem with dark mode page viewing messing up light view, but it was fixed fairly quickly. I kept an eye on the issue at github. They're good people.

dodgyb said 3 months ago:

Try Feedbro, it is an extension for chrome and firefox. It is free and unlimited and the UI is customisable to a degree.

The one downside is it is not a cloud app, so won't sync across devices.

I have been using it since inoreader and feedly introduced caps and I am a happy convert.

simplecomplex said 3 months ago:

I like feedbin

lostdog said 3 months ago:

inoreader is pretty good. Free plan has 150 feeds, and $20/yr for the cheapest paid plan.

noobly said 3 months ago: