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ctesh said 3 months ago:

The TLDR Macrometa is a geo-distributed, real-time, streaming DB with a multi-modal interface (K/V, Doc, Streams, Graph, Time Series). Unlike centralized eventually consistent DBs, Macrometa is a natively geo-replicated DB that uses CRDTs to replicate with better consistency guarantees than eventually consistent DBs.

The DB incorporates streams and streams processing as a first-class database primitive and lets you build low latency, high volume data pipelines that are event-driven and reactive.

akash00 said 3 months ago:

How does this compare with Azure Cosmos DB?

pkmishra said 3 months ago:

is there a pricing page somewhere?

ctesh said 3 months ago:

Hi PKMishra - Paid premium tiers will be introduced in July. You can request "whisper pricing" which is discounted by opening a free developer account (https://www.macrometa.co/start ) and using chat to talk to JP . He can send you the information you need.

quickthrower2 said 3 months ago:

Do you provide the servers too or just the software?

ctesh said 3 months ago:

Its a cloud service and is fully managed - we provide the servers, storage, networking, connectivity - everything. You just need to bring your code.

pkmishra said 3 months ago:

got it. thanks!