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I_am_tiberius said 3 months ago:

Looks great!!! I see you're using react for the frontend. Is the option bar for the reporting objects (on the left - e.g. for charts) dynamic or static? I'm currently creating something similar and planned to use something like JSON form (https://github.com/jsonform/jsonform) in order to create a dynamic option bar.

yuegui said 3 months ago:

Thanks. If you are talking about those three Slicers (User, Product, Year) in the Slicer & Charts screenshot, they are dynamic in a way that the values displayed are queried from the database but I don't think they do the same thing as jsonform.

I_am_tiberius said 3 months ago:

Maybe I misunderstand your left side panel. I thought it's related to the object (e.g. a specific chart) that is selected but looking at it again it seems to be related to the entire dashboard.

I was not referring to the form values but to the structure of the form - I just thought the different object types (chart, table) don't have static forms behind but dynamic ones. In your case, as far as I can tell, dynamic forms wouldn't make much sense as your form objects are only textboxes, checkboxes and selection boxes - also you don't have too many different objects to configure. Doesn't matter - was just wondering.

But really a great application! I'm working on a similar platform but not open source and with focus on data generation/collection instead of reporting.

darkcha0s said 3 months ago:

Looking great!