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aj7 said 2 months ago:

When my internet connection slows down, I just run Speedtest once or twice. My providers detect that and restore the bandwidth they’d been stealing.

matttproud said 2 months ago:

Consistency and compliance costs be damned; I am pleased that localities are taking this matter seriously.

The status quo lack for user data protection is appalling.

akshayB said 2 months ago:

ISP are becoming annoying middle man who want to make money from any data they can get their hands on. What eventually needs to be done is we classify ISPs as utility. Example - your water supplier doesn't make a big deal if you use more water because you have a swimming pool but you ISP does and I find that very weird.

shmageggy said 2 months ago:

How valid is the argument that states can't regulate interstate business? Any business that operates over state lines is immune to all local law?

Also claiming that this infringes on ISP free speech? Like Citizens United, applying ideas of personhood to cooperations is just gross.

I'm with the Chamber of Commerce in that the bill doesn't go far enough. Why should giving away our privacy be a prerequisite for doing anything online?

telaelit said 2 months ago:

Yes. This is what should be done on a federal level, but I'm glad states are starting to take up the issue of protecting their citizens.

user5184 said 2 months ago:

ISPs will just offer slower plans as default and promotions with faster connections for people that consent with data harvesting and monetization. As it's a promotion, regulators can't forbidden promotions. And as ISPs are an oligopoly at best, it will be easy to force most people to consent. Regulators must forbidden data harvesting and selling. But it will not happen because data is the new gold.

pard68 said 2 months ago:

Seems cool. Let me know when I can get speeds faster than 5mbps, and that is because I pay extra for to have two dsl lines.