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Ask HN: Good Postgres Native Clients?

I was using mainly mysql where sequel pro was great, i switched recently to postgres and the clients are lacking, pgadmin3 and pgadmin4 are lacking features or running inside browser (slowly). DBeaver is not missing features but is heavy and slows my whole machine (4core 2017 macbook pro).

Is there a fast alternative (i haven't tried paid options).

6 pointsdisiplus posted 14 days ago7 Comments
yrezgui said 14 days ago:

Postico (https://eggerapps.at/postico) and TablePlus (https://tableplus.io) are the best ones.

actionowl said 14 days ago:

I've been using Table Plus and like it so far https://tableplus.io/

atmosx said 13 days ago:

Thanks, just bought a 2-computer license.

manigandham said 14 days ago:

Dbeaver is the all-around best tool. If it's slow, there might be an issue with your java install and configuration. Try reinstalling that first.

Other options are JetBrains DataGrip, HeidiSQL, TablePlus, and Navicat.

karlclement said 13 days ago:

pSequel is a free option but best for reads and not writes.


andrei_says_ said 14 days ago:

Datagrip is a great database IDE.

segmondy said 12 days ago: