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Ask HN: Self-Hosted Photo Blog?

I’m looking for a modern, self-hosted photo blog app that would give me a Flickr or 500px-like experience where I can post albums and tag images etc. (it doesn’t necessarily have to have any social features)

There was recently a great thread here on HN about self-hosted photo management apps, but I’ve found it very difficult over the years to find any good open source and self hosted blog apps for photography

9 pointsaosaigh posted 3 months ago7 Comments
bndw said 3 months ago:

I built a pretty simple photo blog on top of Hugo, though the layout is more Tumblr than Flickr.

Source code: https://github.com/bndw/len.to

Website: https://len.to

wishinghand said 3 months ago:

If you’re capable of some PHP and CSS development, the Kirby flat file CMS would suffice.

- Easy to install on shared or dedicated hosting.

- Easy to upload photos.

- A post could be a photo or album of them.

- If you know CSS you can easily make minimally designed pages for single images or whole albums.

- it’s been a while since I looked at the API, but you should be able to tag them and then display photos by tag. Barring that, it’s very easy to do that for individual posts

lwoo said 3 months ago:

The closest to the ideal I've known so far is Koken [1]. Sadly I can't see any development or maintenance updates since 2017 and it's not open source [2].

[1] http://koken.me/

[2] http://koken.me/eula.html

aosaigh said 3 months ago:

Thanks. Unfortunately it's definitely abandoned. It looks like it was sold in 2015 to NetObjects and there's been basically no development on it since then and no support responses or updates. Very sad as it looks like a great app. I wish it was open-sourced

sangy said 3 months ago:


you can make your account on the website, create albums. And add photos from the mobile app to the respective albums.

aosaigh said 3 months ago:

Not self-hosted and not a photo blog