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tabakd said 14 days ago:

Hey you should probably switch the behavior so that it uses history "replace" instead of "push". After doing a few ratings I need to spam the back button to actually go back.

crypticgraffiti said 14 days ago:

Thanks for trying out RankFight! We love bacon, more than oxygen and the internet apparently. And we hate jail, but not as much as the color brown.

overcast said 13 days ago:

Very much a Hot or Not for everything! Out of curiosity, how are you handling unique votes, just cloudflares _cfduid? I ask because I'm working on something requiring anonymous votes, and GDPR is going to prohibit this. Thanks!

wishrider said 14 days ago:

I've never thought about this but a cow is so much better than a city!

saintPirelli said 15 days ago:


But what am I ranking when it asks me about beavers?

jschn said 14 days ago:

Where are the words coming from?

fitnesshealth said 15 days ago:

Amazing RankFight ranks everything. Which thing is better?