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tabakd said 3 months ago:

Hey you should probably switch the behavior so that it uses history "replace" instead of "push". After doing a few ratings I need to spam the back button to actually go back.

crypticgraffiti said 3 months ago:

Thanks for trying out RankFight! We love bacon, more than oxygen and the internet apparently. And we hate jail, but not as much as the color brown.

overcast said 3 months ago:

Very much a Hot or Not for everything! Out of curiosity, how are you handling unique votes, just cloudflares _cfduid? I ask because I'm working on something requiring anonymous votes, and GDPR is going to prohibit this. Thanks!

wishrider said 3 months ago:

I've never thought about this but a cow is so much better than a city!

saintPirelli said 3 months ago:


But what am I ranking when it asks me about beavers?

jschn said 3 months ago:

Where are the words coming from?

fitnesshealth said 3 months ago:

Amazing RankFight ranks everything. Which thing is better?