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Show HN: Dashboard for HN Who Is Hiring

Link: https://who-is-hiring.arxpoetica.com/listing/20083795

Hello all,

I wanted a tool to query against and save job searches and hide irrelevant ones, so I built it. Thought I'd share. Built on the awesome SvelteJS (https://svelte.dev/) framework and equally awesome Sapper (https://sapper.svelte.dev/) deploy platform. The app pulls posts from user `whoishiring` (https://news.ycombinator.com/user?id=whoishiring) on Hacker News, and provides useful tools for sorting and saving settings / filters to localStorage.

Click on the “Home” link to see a list of former posts.

The project is open sourced: https://github.com/arxpoetica/who-is-hiring-dashboard. Pull requests and recommended improvements welcome.

Side note, looking for fulltime work. If you want me to build something in SvelteJS, for example, I'm a contributor. Feel free to hit me up over here: https://arxpoetica.com/. (Don't litter this HN post.)

## Caveats. Here be dragons, traveler, be ye warned.

* This is definitely a WIP, and has its share of problems.

* It uses pretty eager searching against what's essentially text-based querying, so there's a lot of problems on filter / query, such as word boundary searching, etc. So, for example, if you're a Go programmer, trying to query against that term with this setup, good luck. Likewise, “Java” will return all “JavaScript” entries, so that's also really helpful. Sorry for that. I plan on improving it, however, for this to really be useful...

* For this to really be a robust query engine, the HN API job listings would actually need some improvements. It'd be nice to have actual tagged return posts, for example. I think this would require some sort of form submission instead of just plain text submission on the jobs feed, but that would be an undertaking from HN's part.

5 pointsarxpoetica posted 3 months ago3 Comments
russdpale said 3 months ago:

This is quite cool, thanks for making it! I would add a few more keywords, perhaps by development style (agile, etc) and level (junior dev, senior dev, tech lead, etc)

tehnuty said 3 months ago:

would be great to have option to sort by date, or at least if should be default one