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akulbe said 3 months ago:

I'd like to interject a question here. I'm not a front-end dev, but when I hear other front-end devs talk about stuff... several notables folks have talked about not chasing all the frameworks, because they're like fads, and you can get burned if $COMPANY or $TEAM stops maintaining them.

Is following the newest shiny framework really the best path to being a pro, or is it having a mastery of fundamentals?

gick said 3 months ago:

That's a good point, the plethora of frameworks is actually a burden for front-end dev. Moreover the building process of moderns web-app is also a jungle (webpack, rollup, browserify, npm...).

Getting started as a front-end dev can easily lead to choice paralysis about framework as well as tutorial hell about building process.

On the other hand, mastering the fundamentals of JS isn't very fun in itself. It requires lot of dry reading with few practical examples, if you have few experience these examples are difficult to contextualize.

It may be more effective to pick one of the big three (Vue, Angular, React) and get your hands into it by building some fun stuff. Once you'll have practical knowledge, you'll have a better idea on what aspect of the fundamentals are worth digging.

itronitron said 3 months ago:

Exposure to several different ones is ideal. Since most web UI frameworks are attempting to offer application functionality it is important to know at least one non-browser based (native) framework such as .NET, Swing, or Qt, even Motif would be good for an aspiring front-end dev.

oblib said 3 months ago:

Learning APIs for different frameworks and tools is a good start. A good place to start is TodoMVC.com.

I won't say this will get you to "Pro" status but you need at least a familiarity with the tools of the trade to get headed that direction.

gick said 3 months ago:

Have lot of side Front-End projects using various frameworks. Most importantly, your side projects should be fun and engaging to you.

itronitron said 3 months ago:

Listen to the users and the designers, work on a great team, and read the source code of the frameworks you use as you learn them.

el_dev_hell said 3 months ago:

> work on a great team

This is number one. Working on a great team, regardless of work function, will make you better than anything else.

Sucks how difficult a good team is to find.

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