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Show HN: FOSS Guitar Karaoke (With Lights)(thingamagig.net)

16 pointsfivedogit posted 3 months ago3 Comments
aerosuch said 3 months ago:

This is pretty sweet. Demo video really helps to explain the concept. It's like what I imagined my friends and I doing while playing Rockband...if we were talented enough to play real instruments. Seems like one of those things that you can't imagine a future without. Nice work @fivedogit

mothsonasloth said 3 months ago:

Favourited, this is really cool. It's what I hoped Rocksmith 2014 could do but can't.

sidneyvanness said 3 months ago:

That’s pretty cool. Great work. What needs to be done to make this so that an average person could use it?