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said 3 months ago:
ladon86 said 3 months ago:

Fantastic work, produces a high quality render result at around 500 samples. Is it possible to customize the sample count used in realtime mode, or is that automatic? I initially tried on my integrated GPU, but over on my 2080 Ti I'm getting over 120 fps, and would love to see how high I can push that. Love the set of demo scenes you've provided, especially normal mapping and dynamic volumes.

stasilo said 3 months ago:

Thanks! :) Currently the real time sample count is hardcoded to 1 sample per frame, if you can be bothered with cloning and building the app though, the line to change is: https://github.com/stasilo/retrace.gl/blob/master/src/store/....

I'll make this along with render res. and some other settings customizable in the future :)