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Show HN: Hacker News Front Page Trends(toddwschneider.com)

84 pointslil_tee posted 2 months ago29 Comments
citilife said 2 months ago:

This guy has a ton of interesting posts:


For those who wish to compare trends (across all of HN not just the front page), a demo of my companies product is here:


You can also identify experts on any topic:


neilv said 2 months ago:

`hnprofile.com` seems a bit creepy. Per-individual "Probable Mood" value, "mood" value on given topic, "Overall Mood Over Time" chart, "Activity per Hour of Day" chart, "Mood per Hour of Day" chart.

It would be good if we could have a place to discuss topics of importance, without others leeching off that to analyze everyone personally. And without having to decide whether we should sanitize, and play to metrics, for the benefit of recruiters for metrics-oriented risk-averse bureaucratic big corps.

Incidentally, apparently I am "Tense discussing racket 8 days ago" (judge for yourself: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19835526 ). It also looks like I'm maybe posting during work (I don't). And one of the charts shows punctuated "negative mood" over time. Is this comment one of those negative mood instances?

I suppose hnprofile.com is good, in that it exposes to us some of what others are presumably doing secretly. And maybe that should prompt us to figure out how to improve the situation.

mrspeaker said 2 months ago:

I had logged out of every social network except this one. After seeing hnprofile.com, I'll be doing the same here (it's a great wake-up call, thank you OP!).

Ignore the rest of this paragraph. I feel really happy. And confused. And I'm exhilarated. Am I hungry? (some filler to try and trick the mood algos).

Ok, back. I've noticed that by logging out (and going through the hassle of logging in if you really "need" to - I truly hate password recovery processes) you can train yourself out of the habit of having to have your say about every stupid topic on the internet.

Weirder still, I've noticed it stops me from injecting boring opinions in my real-world conversations too!

onlyThrowaways said 2 months ago:

That site is the reason I no longer maintain a regular profile, or attempt to garner karma.

It's the point at which I realized HN doesn't permit any active control over prior activity. Based on that, you have 60 minutes to give each post some thought. If your user name is associated with your real name, and you might have any reason to regret your statement, past, present or future, think fast!

This shit will ruin your life.

lettergram said 2 months ago:

> That site is the reason I no longer maintain a regular profile, or attempt to garner karma.


Even posting has its risks

vidarh said 2 months ago:

Given how superficial its results are for me, and how for the subjects I searched for it missed several very obvious 'experts', I'm not very concerned.

smrq said 2 months ago:

Breaks the back button.

danso said 2 months ago:

Very surprised to see that dogs, not bees, are the dominant species on HN’a front page: https://toddwschneider.com/dashboards/hacker-news-trends/?q=...

jonawesomegreen said 2 months ago:



Google seems to be the favourite there.

o10449366 said 2 months ago:

It would be interesting to see which of the FAANG are the "stickiest" in terms of staying on the front page. I've noticed negative stories about a few select tech companies get flagged(?) off the front page very quickly, sometimes disappearing in under an hour, while others stick around for many, many hours. The lack of transparency behind a story's page rank is one of my least favorite parts of HN. There are a few posts out there on the algorithm behind it, but I'm not sure how accurate they are nowadays.

KenanSulayman said 2 months ago:


... changing that to quarterly sure is telling about when those topics are discussed most: https://toddwschneider.com/dashboards/hacker-news-trends/?q=...

I wonder where that spike of "suicide" in Jan'13 was caused by? And the Jan'18 spike in depression? Maybe by the bitcoin burst?

I'm not sure if I'm amazed or simply terrified. Fascinating!

Rebelgecko said 2 months ago:

Aaron Schwartz committed suicide in January 2013

acct1771 said 2 months ago:


SketchySeaBeast said 2 months ago:

I'm excited to see "Waffles" had a brief jump in 2012.

mothsonasloth said 2 months ago:



All of them seem to have a downtrend from around 2012.

petercooper said 2 months ago:

In the last few years I think the amount of "pure" programming related posts on HN has dipped. Out of 30 items on the front page right now, only 4 are explicitly about programming (I'm not including ops/networking).

(This is only gut feeling from being here a long time, no data to back it up.)

swsieber said 2 months ago:

Well, except Go and Rust.

McDev said 2 months ago:

The 2nd and 3rd top "Go" posts weren't even about Go the language. They were just posts with the word go in the title.

scanr said 2 months ago:

And C# interestingly

said 2 months ago:
ChuckMcM said 2 months ago:

that is a lot of fun. Looks like Intel wins the most mentions relative to AMD and ARM :-)


usmannk said 2 months ago:

Did not expect boomers to consistently outrank millenials: https://toddwschneider.com/dashboards/hacker-news-trends/?q=...

davidjhall said 2 months ago:
rmbryan said 2 months ago:
nibnalin said 2 months ago:

The search for "Go" is actually quite inaccurate due to the verb "go" and the game "go". You can see most of the peaks have top stories related to non-language uses of the word.

It seems the effect of other meanings is way less exaggerated for Rust in comparison.

sridca said 2 months ago: