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Is anyone else interested in fighting climate change as a software developer?

I created an app for sharing checklists and I then used this app to create a step-by-step guide for a process for finding work as a dev fighting climate change: https://voice.ch.ckl.st/how-i-am-fighting-climate-change-as-a-software-developer/

13 pointspablooliva posted 10 days ago3 Comments
powerbroker said 10 days ago:

I've been writing code to feedback to electricity consumer's in Texas the degree to which renewables are present on the grid. Little things like setting the dishwasher to delay operation until peak wind % time, helps. In Texas, this time falls between 1-4AM, depending on the weather.

tmig said 10 days ago:

IMHO as a software developer, one should always keep power consumption in mind. Optimizing whatever can be optimized.

70122-_6 said 10 days ago:

Yep, and I have the perfect way to-do it. I just don`t have your tutanota.email ?