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fiatjaf said 3 months ago:

I'm working on something like that right now, it's called listhub.xyz. But I guess I'll stop working on it now that your thing exists. Or we can join forces if you want.

My idea was to be an alternative to all these hand-curated lists we see on awesome-whatever on GitHub and other sites like https://justmeat.co/.

The idea was to allow flexible schemas -- like every link could have a name, a description, another related link, a number and so on.

Later I was also planning on adding a simple API so people could generate static sites with the data imported from their lists.

And also a GitHub exporter so people could maintain awesome-whatever lists outside of GitHub but still keep them there.

Oh, also allow people to suggest items to the lists (with all the required metadata) and have them accepted or not (much better than opening a GitHub issue or PR for the case of awesome-whatever lists).

gpickett00 said 3 months ago:

Interesting. I like the simplicity. What do you see as the main use case?

burke_holland said 3 months ago:

I had the idea after giving a presentation and trying to give people a bunch of resources at the end where they could go learn more. I was putting a bunch of links on a slide and then people would take a photo of the slide with their phone. I felt like nobody was going to go home and type in URL's from some grainy phone picture. I know I wouldn't. I wanted one simple URL I could give people to point to all of my resources.

pragmaticlurker said 3 months ago:

looks too similar to an old and defunct project https://github.com/urlist

hokus said 3 months ago:

could make it build opml files by crawling the links for titles and feeds.