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On the Road to Irmin v2(tarides.com)

21 pointslelf posted a year ago5 Comments
dang said a year ago:
justincormack said a year ago:

This is a new update though.

dang said a year ago:

Oh sure! That's why we didn't mark the OP as a dupe. These links are just for curiosity (as kencausey said). I'd like to find a way to communicate that when posting those, but none I've found is succinct enough. It gets old quickly to say "This is just for curiosity" every time.

kencausey said a year ago:

I guess you are new here. :)

Dang is not trying to shut down discussion but simply providing easy access to past discussion that seems relevant.

emmanueloga_ said a year ago:

meta: what happened with Docker+MirageOS? Seems like the whole team that was acquired a while ago left to found this new company (Tarides)? Not sure if anybody has more background, just curious :-)