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orware said 6 months ago:

While there's still some features we'd like the software to have, running Metabase for the past 2 years or so on our campus has been really straightforward (I love that I can just deploy the JAR directly, rather than having to fiddle with Tomcat separately).

Maybe this new funding is part of the reason why we haven't seen a new Metabase release since early December ;-). I sincerely hope that the open source-ness of the solution doesn't go anywhere as they seek to monetize the product further.

In the places where our Research department has shared the few dashboards we've created in the system so far at conferences or with others here on campus we've gotten positive responses and it sounds like we're hoping to ditch our iDashboards software (which hasn't been used much at all...even with paying a $10k+ license renewal fee each year) and start using Metabase solely moving forward.

Good luck to the team and I hope they can continue making Metabase into an even better product!

luckydata said 6 months ago:

Big data? It's a BI tool you animals.

SnowingXIV said 6 months ago:

Fired up on a local postgres database using the mac application. It works quite well. Every so often I'll be hit up to chop up data in a very specific way which requires me to write some ad-hoc SQL but giving this ability to end users and saving dashboards seems very useful. I love seeing things like this be built and pricing is spot on. Free and no tiers. Hope to see this succeed.

Tempted to integrate this into a production rails application with a simple link at the top for users to be able to service themselves. I'll need to see if I can somehow link logins so they don't have to login to both the application and the metabase instance but seems like a fun project.

cgopalan said 6 months ago:

This is great to hear. I work in an org that uses metabase a lot, and have made a few contributions. Their Clojure code is a delight to work with!

buf said 6 months ago:

I'm very happy to hear this. Metabase has been critical to understanding our data, and dead simple (and free) compared to Tableau/Looker.

mark_l_watson said 6 months ago:

A nice Clojure project. I also like the AGPL license business model. I really like to see Libre software licenses used when they make sense. For an end user business intelligence tool, I don’t see problems for end users grabbing a stable JAR and just running it. Hopefully a future enterprise version and money made from buy an alternative license when integrated into a larger system will keep the developers well funded.

jpulec said 6 months ago:

As a very happy Metabase user, glad to see this. Hope the team uses the money to make the project better while still keeping its open source roots.

burger_moon said 6 months ago:

Does anyone have experience with their Consultant Network thing they advertise on their jobs page? https://metabase.com/network/

It sounds interesting, I like the idea of them trying to connect people to use their platform.

buremba said 6 months ago:

They're probably going to release an enterprise version: https://hub.docker.com/r/metabase/metabase-enterprise/tags

heliostatic said 6 months ago:

Metabase has been a great tool to use, and a very impressive project to watch. Very regular updates, super responsive team, and a great feature set. Congratulations to the team on the raise!

aboutruby said 6 months ago:
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ComplexityT said 6 months ago:

Love using Metabase! As a loyal user, I'm excited for the team!

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ileri62 said 6 months ago:

Why is shit like this even news? Venture capitalists fund every random dude's and his mother's enterprise