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A guide to AppStore search optimization(blog.rootshell.ir)

29 pointsnadalizadeh posted 6 months ago5 Comments
kruuuder said 6 months ago:

A generic, bland article that tells you nothing besides "Enter good meta data". There are already hundreds of blog posts out there with such a cheap "advice", mostly from small companies that want to sell ASO. Where are the new insights? Anything measurable?

sambeau said 6 months ago:

Could you perhaps point us all in the direction of an article that gives some useful solid advice?

AznHisoka said 6 months ago:

What if there isn't any?

pizza said 6 months ago:

Anyone have a ballpark estimate for the % change in downloads some of these SEO tips might get you?

IMTDb said 6 months ago:

I work at AppTweak. we offer both a tool that allows our customers to perform their own ASO campaigns and a consulting service where we do the job for them.

On the consulting service, we usually see a download increase that ranges from 5% to 30%, depending on how much time/talent the client had put in ASO before calling us.